La marine australienne repousse un bateau d'immigrants Afghans et Pakistanais

Posté le mai 15, 2011, 3:19
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You’re not welcome! Australian ships boatload of asylum seekers to Malaysia in tough new immigration measure

A boatload of asylum seekers found in Australian waters have been shipped straight out of the country in a new no-nonsense immigration measure.

Australian ministers want to stop hundreds of asylum seekers sailing into the country and last week struck a deal with Malaysia to swap asylum seekers for refugees. The government is also negotiating with Papua New Guinea to accept hundreds of people who have paid smugglers to bring them to Australia by boat.

The navy intercepted the latest boatload of 32 asylum seekers suspected to be from Afghanistan and Pakistan off the north western coastal town of Broome overnight, immigration Minister Chris Bowen said. They will be temporarily housed in a detention centre on Christmas Island, an Australian territory near Indonesia and then sent to another country where their refugee applications will be processed. […]

Daily Mail (traduction bienvenue dans les commentaires)

L’avertissement lancé aux demandeurs d’asile par Chris Bowen, le ministre de l’immigration australien

A quand le même discours et les mêmes actes par Berlusconi ?


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